Cyprus is the third largest and third most populous island in the Mediterranean.

The easiest way to reach North Cyprus is by air.

You can fly to Northern Cyprus via Turkey to Ercan (ECN) International Airport, or you can use Larnaca (LCA) or Paphos (PFO) International Airports which are located in the south of the island.

There are both Turkish and Greek Cypriots living on both sides of the island.

People speak a mix of the three official languages; Turkish, Greek, and English.

Cyprus is a multi-lingual, multi-cultural and multi-religious island.

Cypriots are known for their sincere hospitality and friendliness.

Cyprus is known to be one of the safest places in the world due to the low crime rate and, as a result, it is a popular tourist destination all year round.

Besides a range of 5-star luxury hotels, agro-tourism and the untouched natural environment all offer visitors a chance to enjoy Cypriot culture and glimpse the island’s rural life.

Cars in Cyprus are Right-Hand Drive as in the UK, Japan and most Commonwealth countries.

Cyprus has spectacular Mediterranean weather which supports diverse fauna and flora.

From mammals and birds to reptiles, fish and amphibians, the island is home to many native species.

Twenty rare species of Orchids and 371 species of migratory birds can be seen on the island.

Out of a global total 1950 species of flowering plants, 140 are found nowhere else but in Cyprus.

The traditional Cypriot cuisine is mouth-watering, and has been influenced by Byzantine, French, Italian, Catalan, Ottoman and Middle Eastern tastes.

Cyprus abounds with locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables, herbs, and pulses, and the local diet is supplemented with locally caught fresh fish and home-grown lean meats, which offer both delicious flavours and the basis of a healthy Mediterranean way of eating.

On an average, Cyprus has just 40 days of rainfall each year.

So, our sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters can be enjoyed for almost 9 months a year.

Not a beach person? Well, there are hundreds of other activities to enjoy and many historical sites to visit across Cyprus.

Here are just a few of the fascinating places and activities you can experience:

Bellapais Monastery – Kyrenia

Kyrenia Harbour

The Great Inn – Nicosia

Samanbahçe – Old Nicosia Town

Relaxing at one of the street cafes – Nicosia

Getting friendly with the local wild Donkeys – Karpasia

Observing the first steps of the Caretta Caretta

Scuba Diving in one of the best seas in Europe.

Kite surfing year round