This policy concerns admissions to MEH for pupils at Pre-University education programmes. Mesarya Education House selects on performance at interview, previous educational record (including prior school references if deemed necessary), entrance tests (if appropriate) and assessment of special needs. No prospective student is offered a place at the foundation without attending an interview.

We welcome applicants from all backgrounds, irrespective of nationality, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or disability. Human rights and freedoms are respected but must be balanced with the lawful needs of our institution community and the rights and freedoms of others. Not all age ranges

are catered for (see below) and our facilities and capacity to deliver appropriate programmes for students with various kinds of disability (including special educational needs) are not all-encompassing and are developing.

There are size limits to the number of pupils that can currently be admitted to the whole institution, where Mesarya Education House will endeavor to keep class sizes to a maximum of 8-10. For students seeking admission close to one of our entry points, there may also be timetabling constraints imposed by the combination of subjects being sought, though for those applying in good time there are no such restrictions.


About MEH

– Mesarya Education House is co-educational and non-denominational.

– The age range is normally 17-30, with natural entry points for pupils who have just completed Years 9, 10, 11, 12 or 13.

However, subject to place availability, students are also sometimes accepted at other times of the year as late joiners.

– Where possible, such late joiners are integrated into appropriate groups and may receive supplementary tuition to facilitate the transition.



Aims of Mesarya Education House’s admissions process


– To identify and admit students who will benefit from the academic provision available at the MEH.

– To ensure that prospective students understand, and are in sympathy with, the ethos and aims of the college.

– To provide educational advice leading to an academic programme tailored to each student’s specific needs.

– To identify and recruit students who are keen to achieve academically and are prepared to work hard to achieve this goal.

Application procedure

– Potential applicants receive a prospectus pack from the Admissions Office, containing an up to- date institution prospectus and a list of institution polices.


– If a student wishes to proceed to the next stage of the admissions process, an interview is arranged via Admissions. Prospective students are usually accompanied by a parent or guardian.

– Mesarya Education House organises a number of Open Days throughout the year.

Prospective students may attend Open Days prior to or subsequent to their interviews. Open Days give prospective students and their parents the chance to meet Subject Area Heads, teachers and current students.

– Prospective students may also attend “taster days”, when they can sit in on lessons to experience first-hand what studying at Mesarya Education House is like.

The process preceding the offer of a place at the institution has four elements:

  1. Interview
  2. Assessment of performance in previous examinations; entrance tests; scholarship tests, as advised by the Principal
  3. Reference from previous school
  4. Assessment of special needs (if applicable) to determine any reasonable adjustments that are required, and whether college can make such adjustments so as to provide the appropriate level of service.


  1. Interview

– The purposes of the interview are to:

  • Explain the academic and extra-curricular provision available at MEH.
  • Assess the suitability of the student for his/her chosen courses.
  • Provide advice about careers and/or entry into Higher Education.
  • Provide an opportunity for the student and parents to look around the institution.

Establish whether Mesarya Education House can offer a suitable academic programme and environment.

  • Answer any questions the student/parents may have about the institution.


– Interviews are conducted by senior members of staff, usually the Principal.


  1. Assessment of performance in examinations and entrance tests

– Prospective students are sometimes required to sit a Mathematics and English Language entry test.

– Students whose first language is not English and who have not studied GCSE English Language sit a comprehension test (based on IELTS).

– Prospective A level students are normally expected to have achieved at least six GCSEs at grades A * to C (or equivalent). Under certain circumstances we may require specific grades (usually a B or above) in certain subjects at GCSE where these subjects are to be continued at A level.

– The institution sets tests for a small number of academic scholarships each year of up to 50% of fees. These are normally awarded to students starting a two-year A-level course. In order to apply for a scholarship, students are usually required to sit Mesarya Education House’s scholarship examination. In assessing whether a student may be awarded a scholarship, we take into account the performance in the exam and the interview as well as the student’s past academic performance.


  1. References

– The offer of a place at the institution is conditional upon a satisfactory reference being obtained from the previous school.

– We also request copies of recent sets of reports.
In some cases we also obtain telephone references from a senior teacher from the previous school.

– At certain times of year, particularly in the period mid-August to early September when a number of students are admitted for retake courses, it is often not possible to obtain references in advance of a place being offered because many schools are closed. However, references are followed up as soon as is practicable and the institution reserves the right to revoke an offer of a place should the reference contain relevant information which was not disclosed during the interview.


  1. Disability and special needs

– Mesarya Education House currently has limited facilities for the disabled. However, the institution will do all that is reasonable to comply with its legal and moral responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010 and Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001, in order to accommodate the needs of applicants who have disabilities for which, with reasonable adjustments, the college can cater adequately. The institution needs to be aware of any known

disability or special educational need which may affect a student’s ability to participate in the admissions procedure and take full advantage of the education provided at the Mesarya Education House.

Parents of a student who has any disability or special educational needs should provide MEH with full details prior to or during the admissions process before accepting the offer of a place.

– Where appropriate, a qualified member of staff will advise the interviewer on whether MEH has the facilities and expertise to accommodate a particular student and, if so, the nature of the academic support we would provide.
If the student subsequently registers at the institution, this member of staff will collate all relevant information from sources such as school references and educational psychologist/medical reports to produce an Individual Education Plan (IEP).
If a disability or special educational need becomes apparent after admission, the institution will consult with parents about reasonable adjustments that may allow the student to continue at the institution.

Offer of a place and registration

After the interview, an email or letter will be sent to parents summarizing our best educational advice and confirming whether or not we are able to make a formal offer of a place.
When an offer is made, parents will be given the relevant application forms.
Once the Application forms are completed, returned and subsequently acknowledged by Mesarya Education House, the enrolment process is deemed to be complete.
At this point, both the fee payer and the student become bound by the institution’s terms and conditions.
Students are allowed, with the agreement of the interviewer, to make adjustments to their academic programme, provided the institution is notified of such changes before the end of August.


International admissions

Mesarya Education House welcomes applications from International students.
Approximately 65% of our students have completed part of their education overseas.
Working with a select network of education agents our experienced recruitment team organise in-country presentations and interview sessions.
When circumstances prevent an in-person interview from being conducted, we arrange Skype interviews with the Principal.

((A visa will be required if the applicant does not hold a UK passport or one issued by another country in the EEA or Switzerland.
Mesarya Education House has been awarded Highly Trusted Status by the UKBA and the institution is therefore able to sponsor both Child and General Student applications.
A confirmation of acceptance for studies (CAS) will only be issued when following a successful interview, evidence of the following has been received:))


– An English language qualification in line with the UKBA requirements (General Students only)

– Transcripts of results/school reports

– Passport

– A fully completed application form and a minimum deposit

Courses at Mesarya Education House are taught in English.
Students will need to meet the required academic criteria in order to be able to undertake these courses.
Additional English language lessons are available for students alongside those for their academic subjects.
Further information about entry to the UK under the Tier 4 student procedure can be found at the website, where the most up-to-date procedures are explained.


Parents or guardians are required at the earliest opportunity to disclose any particular known or suspected circumstances relating to their child’s health, allergies, disabilities or learning difficulties or any previous disciplinary issues relevant to their application to join Mesarya Education House.

Special Circumstances

We acknowledge that a student’s academic history can be affected by particular circumstances, for example:

– If he/she has been unwell when sitting examinations or tests, or has been absent for any significant period from the previous school.

– If there are family circumstances such as divorce or bereavement. If the student’s first language is not English.

– If the student has a disability or specific learning difficulties.

– In such cases, MEH may request additional information – such as an Education Psychologist’s report, medical certificate or samples of work -to assist us in the assessment of the student’s suitability.

Grounds for Rejection

The following are possible grounds for not being offered a place but this is not meant to be an exhaustive list:

– Insufficient academic ability for the programme applied for

– Lack of fit with the ethos and general character of the institution

– Exclusion from the previous school for drug-related offences, bullying or theft

– Course required is oversubscribed. If we have to decide between two or more applicants who meet our admissions requirements, preference may be given to a sibling of an existing student or to an applicant with particular skill, talent or aptitude

Academic scholarships and bursaries

Each year Mesarya Education House awards a number of scholarships and bursaries to help fund the fees of gifted and talented students who are likely to gain particular benefit from our academic provision and the more general opportunities the institution has to offer. In turn, we expect award recipients not only to contribute to the institution’s reputation for academic success but also to participate in broader aspects of institution life.
There are two types of financial award available:
scholarships and bursaries.
Scholarships are awarded entirely on academic merit, whereas bursaries also take account of financial status and are therefore means-tested in accordance with guidelines issued by the Independent Schools’ Bursars’ Association.


Type and nature of awards available

– Academic scholarships: awarded to students who are able to demonstrate excellent general all-round academic ability or outstanding ability in a particular subject area.

– Creative and performing arts scholarships: awarded to students who are able to demonstrate excellence in art, drama or music.

– Bursaries: awarded to students who would not be able to attend the institution without financial assistance.

Each year MEH sets a budget for academic awards, based on anticipated fee income. The value of bursaries and scholarships ranges from 10-50% of tuition fees.

Scholarships are typically valid for the entire duration of the programme for which a student is enrolled, subject to the institution’s conditions of award.

Eligibility and application procedure

Any student applying for a programme of one year’s duration or more is eligible to apply.

Parents/guardians of students wishing to be considered for an award should notify the Head of Admissions who will arrange for an application form to be made available to them.

Conditions of Entry

Admission to the institution of a student is conditional upon the acceptance by parents of the “Terms and Conditions of Enrolment”, which are contained in the institution’s application form. Parents are required to read these carefully.
The Terms and Conditions of Enrolment bind parents and student to the institution

Rules which are contained in both the Student Handbook and the Handbook for Parents and Guardians.

Prospective students and their parents are always welcome to visit MEH by making an individual visit, where you will be able to see what we have to offer.