As parents, you want the best undergraduate experience for your children. Here at Mesarya Education House, we work with you to put your sons and daughters — our students — above all else, bringing them the most fulfilling and valuable educational experience they can get.

Mesarya Education House is dedicated to supporting you and your student through every exciting stage of the MEH experience, from enrolment through to graduation.
Our caring and committed staff will provide you with the guidance and resources that you need to successfully navigate important processes such as Financial Aid and enrolment, as well as ensuring that your student’s overall well-being is maintained through support from our safety, tutoring, and mental and physical health services.

• We provide an excellent Education, delivered by world-class teachers, researchers and tutors:
• Our NCUK curriculum and focus on the student experience equips graduates for personal and professional success.
• Our academic staff are approachable and accessible, and they all encourage you to think independently and adapt to the changing situations that life brings.
• Students have regular access to academic staff, with detailed and prompt feedback on work.
• MEH is partnered with NCUK which consists of the UK’s, USA’s , & Australia’s most prestigious universities, all of which are recognised internationally for their educational achievements
• Many programmes incorporate placements within companies, facilitated by our global partnerships and contacts within the NCUK Universities alumni network

We invite you to contact our office if you have any questions or concerns.