International Foundation Year in Law

An ideal pathway for those students wishing to access a wide range of degree programmes in the social sciences and  humanities and specific areas such as law and international relations. This pathway is aimed at those not wishing to include maths as one of their modules, though many of the business and management degrees will be open as a future choice to graduates of this route.


Students on the NCUK Law Pathway can progress onto a wide range of degrees in this field, from Law, Politics and International Relations, to Journalism and PR. The key difference between this pathway and other IFY courses is that it has stronger emphasis on developing essay-writing and research skills.

The Law Pathway on the NCUK International Foundation programme comprises the following modules:


This course provides an introduction to basic economic concepts and principles. The first term deals with micro-economic issues; the second  term with macroeconomic issues.

Global Studies

This module is intended to help students understand the world around them by encouraging them to engage with key global events and issues in the 21stcentury. It is discovery-based and has an emphasis on effective research to support students’ learning. Students may already have knowledge and understanding of some of the themes in the syllabus but will be encouraged to look at important issues and events from different perspectives and reflect on their global impact.

Business Studies

The aim of this module is to ensure students have a solid grounding in many areas of Business, and feel confident in commencing their studies in this field at undergraduate level.

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

Students develop academic reading, writing, listening and speaking skills together with the skills required to interpret academic texts and write academic assignments.

OPTIONAL (to replace Global Studies module)


This module aims to introduce students to key issues in sociology. It will enable students to understand why sociology is important and how sociologists explain and generate evidence to support the claims they make. The syllabus is discovery-based. Students will be expected to undertake secondary research, review data, and look at the topics from various perspectives.


Leading to degrees at NCUK Universities in;

  • Law
  • Politics
  • International Relations
  • Media Studies
  • Journalism
  • Criminology
  • Peace Studies
  • Development Studies
  • Social Science
  • Psychology