We recognise the importance of a broad educational experience and encourage our students to take part in the wide range of sports, activities and societies on offer– whether that means trying out something new, or developing an existing interest.

We make full use of our central Nicosia location, and the world-class facilities on our doorstep, to organise regular visits to museums, art galleries, theatres and other academic institutions. We have also established partnerships with local sports centres of excellence including the Atatürk Sports Centre, the EMU Diving  Club and Tennis club, amongst others, which are open to all students.

We encourage our students to develop their cultural interests by attending the free lunchtime and after-school concerts hosted by musicians studying and working at other local universities. There are also regular lunchtime talks and seminars given by visiting speakers, with dates advertised every term, so students who are keen to open their minds to the views of leading academics and industry professionals have the chance to do so.

Clubs and Societies

We run a wide range of clubs and societies in which our students can explore their diverse interests, meet new people and truly feel a part of the MEH community.

Our clubs and societies are open to all. Options on offer are constantly growing and changing to ensure that they are relevant to the interests of the student body. The Student Council plays a key role in communicating new ideas for the groups, and opening up new activities for the student community.


Here are just some examples of the clubs and societies on offer:

  • Table Tennis
  • Student Investor Challenge
  • Young Enterprise’s Tenner Challenge
  • Investors Challenge for Young Entrepreneurs
  • Debating Society
  • Science Olympiad
  • Basketball Club
  • Photography Club
  • Book Club
  • Medical Society
  • Football Training
  • Robotics Society
  • Music Society
  • Board Games Club
  • Personal Development Club
  • Yoga Club


We offer a broad range of sporting activities, ranging from the universally popular Football and Tennis, to more individual activities like Fencing, Rowing and Climbing.

Upon joining the college, all students have the chance to sign up for various lunchtime and after school clubs. Options include:



Fitness classes

There are many other sports which are available with local providers subject to sufficient student demand, and in some cases for an additional fee.

These include:

  • Horse riding in Yusuf Efendi Çiftligi Park.
  • Water skiing at the EMU Beach Club.
  • Indoor climbing at Mesarya Technical University’s sports complex.
  • Tennis at the Nicosia Club, a leading provider of Tennis coaching.
  • Netball.

Our students have full access to Mesarya Technical University’s leisure centre, with its state-of-the-art gym. The range of classes on offer includes Yoga, Spinning and Pilates.


In addition to facilitating involvement with MEH’s very own music society, our staff can, upon request, help to arrange music lessons in a wide range of disciplines. Whether it is a first ever singing lesson, or the taking a Grade 8 piano exam, we are able to make the most of our unique location to access an extensive cultural network in finding satisfaction for every desire.


MEH students will also have the opportunity to attend, on occasion, concerts and lectures at the LedraArt Music and Fine Arts centre, which is located just 2 km. from MEH.