14 August 2023 MEH Tech Support



POST NO: 17/14/023

The person appointed will join a progressive team involved in the delivery of a range of full time programmes including GCE A-Level and Foundation Degree in CHEMISTRY.

KEY TASKS  : The person appointed will be responsible to the Curriculum Manager, for the following: –

  • To provide high quality teaching in English language and learning across a range of programmes within a Further Education setting, particularly Extended Diploma in CHEMISTRY and also CHEMISTRY subjects within a range of Foundation Degrees and GCE ‘A’ level equivalent within the Faculty.
  • Tutorship of students, giving appropriate support to enable students to achieve their goals and progress to positive destinations.
  • Interviewing and giving guidance to potential students.
  • Assisting students in their progression to Higher Education, Apprenticeship opportunities or employment.
  • To contribute to the development and continual improvement of courses, co-ordinating effectively with both staff and students.
  • To be proactive in marketing/liaising with local schools, employers and Higher Education Institutions with the objective of improving teaching and forging partnership links.

GENERIC DUTIES : In addition to the requirements of the post above, all members of the academic staff are required: –

  • to complete all associated organisation/administrative work, preparation and marking;
  • to deal with immediate student disciplinary and welfare problems;
  • to keep and maintain specified student and class records; Job Description
  • to plan, prepare, develop and evaluate courses and course materials, and where appropriate supervise course provision;
  • to assist with administration, enrolment, pre-enrolment counselling and identification of customer requirements;
  • to participate in Programme/School/University activities as requested, including parents’ evenings.
  • to participate and undertake Staff Appraisal and in-service training based on an assessment of individual service needs;
  • to meet the requirements of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and the University’s Health & Safety Procedures;
  • to be prepared to operate on a flexible year as required; members of the academic staff will normally be expected to work not more than two evenings per week on average;
  • to undertake such duties as may be reasonably required commensurate with the grade of the appointment.

Salary Lecturer Scale: The standard Contract of Service apply.

Hours of attendance: 37 hours per week

Annual Leave: 40 days per annum plus statutory holidays

Lecturer contact hours: 828 per annum

The University reserves the right to direct up to 10 days of your annual leave entitlement for efficiency purposes




A Master’s (MSc.) Degree in CHEMISTRY from UK and/or USA and/or any university that teaches in English language,

Relevant professional or commercial experience,

A teaching qualification,

Knowledge and experience of current teaching and learning strategies,

Computer literacy,

Highly motivated,

Ability to respond to change positively ,

Excellent organisational skills,

Excellent interpersonal skills,

Ability to work as part of a team,

Excellent communication skills,

Setting and achieving high standards for yourself and students,

Promoting a culture of involvement, listening and responsiveness to student’s needs,

N.B. All candidates for teaching posts must possess a recognised teaching qualification.