A balanced menu inspired by our global college community

MEH is proud to work in partnership with Ezic & Californian, a leading catering company that has built a reputation for providing the highest quality meals to top Cypriot institutions. Their ethos is to create a balanced menu, guaranteeing students fuel their studies with wholesome, nutritious food.


A combination of traditional and modern dishes, inspired by a range of cultures and cooking styles, ensures the catering experience is exciting and varied. Ezic & Californian pride themselves on establishing partnerships with local farmers and sourcing the freshest Cypriot produce for their menu.



At MEH we take care to ensure our food is always prepared to the highest standard whilst catering to our students’ dietary requirements and to the many cultures and nationalities the college is home to.


For students staying in our boarding accommodation, breakfast and dinner are served on site at …………………………House , and lunch is served in the canteen facility at MEH. At the weekend, brunch and dinner are both served at ………


Three-course meal List