September 2019/ Reviewed November 2019


The quality of provision and the maintenance of standards are central to the Institution’s Mission and Strategic Plan. The Institution, through its Managing Board, is committed to maintaining its position as one of the Cyprus’s premier providers of high quality pre-university education. In achieving this, and in meeting the needs of all users, the Institution commits itself to a rigorous process of self-review and development in which every member of staff understands their role and recognises their individual responsibility for quality improvement and development.


Mesarya Education House is committed to providing high quality education opportunities to the local, national, and international communities. Through an approach of continuous improvement, it is intended that provision realises the full potential of students, enabling them to achieve the highest of standards in their programmes of learning. The Institution aims to equip students with the skills, experience and knowledge to meet both their personal needs and the ever-changing needs of the industrial, local and wider communities. It is intended that the expectations of all groups of users will be met or exceeded through the application of best practice by trained and committed staff. The Institution regards itself as accountable to all its clients, customers and to those bodies who validate or in other ways participate in its work.

We are committed to:

  • The involvement of all Institution staff in the support of our Quality Policy, utilizing their skills and expertise.
  •  The regular review and improvement of the quality standards and service commitments in line with our accreditation as a Institution.
  •  The development of quality systems to support and deliver the service commitments and achieve the high levels of performance expected of us.
  •  The development of staff skills and the quality awareness necessary to deliver a critical and self-evaluative quality-reporting format for all programme and support areas within the Institution.
  • Seeking recognition, wherever possible, of our expertise in service quality through accreditation to appropriate nationally benchmarked quality standards and initiatives.
  • Seeking the involvement of all users in the maintenance of high standards and the design of service quality and delivery.


To ensure the Quality Policy is delivered and high levels of performance and user satisfaction are maintained, a range of appropriate quality control and assurance strategies will be utilised. These quality strategies will be regularly reviewed with the involvement of staff and students and ratified by the Principal and Managing Board through clearly defined procedures.


The Institution Quality Strategies will be to:

  • Continuously develop the range and effectiveness of Institution quality assurance systems and tools.
  • Specify minimum monitoring and evaluation criteria for all Institution programmes of teaching and learning. The criteria will include activity, information, analysis, timescales and reporting.
  • Make the results of the monitoring available to any person or body, subject to the requirements of the Data Protection Act, provided that the best interest of its staff and students are protected.
  • Encourage and develop third party assessment of service activity and performance through appropriate audit and observation techniques.
  • Encourage the widest participation in the quality development process, including staff, students, awarding body representatives, validating body representatives, and members of the local and wider communities.
  • Seek, set and monitor performance against appropriate benchmarks, both internal and external, to inform standards and develop performance.
  • Ensure close links between quality monitoring and service development.
  • Encourage continuous updating and skills development by teachers and those who support their work.