Students can choose the programme and university that is right for them.

Our student body is diverse in every sense of the word: ethnically, ideologically and personally.
There is no ‘typical’ Mesarya Education House student, and that is precisely why our students are so remarkable.
We celebrate this diversity, knowing it contributes to a vibrant community in which every individual is valued.

Yes, there is common ground – students come to this institution with a thirst for learning and a desire to achieve, whether in the classroom, in artistic performance, in competitive sport or, in MEH debates.

Our students develop academically, creatively and personally and they respect and appreciate the achievements of others as much as they take pride in their own. Great students are a part of what makes Mesarya Education House so distinctive.

Our staff is remarkable in that they take tremendous pride in the hard work, commitment and diligence of our students.
It is a privilege for every member of Mesarya Education House to work with such exceptional talents.

Our teachers can be described as passionate about their subjects, inspiring in the classroom and willing to help and support students every step of the way. Our teachers are incomparable.

MEH’s team of dedicated support staff make everything that our teachers do possible; they friendly, accommodating and equally hard-working. Across all areas, our staff all support the smooth functioning of the institution and help ensure that our students are provided with every possible opportunity.

We strongly believe that a great staff is essential to building our excellence.

Mesarya Education House is one of the best further education institutions in the region.

Our campus is an interesting mix of the old and the new, nestled within a single landscaped site. However, it’s not the buildings that make an institution great, it’s the people.

Education should be transformative and at Mesarya Education House, it is both the students and staff that create a vibrant, transformative learning community.
It’s the people at Mesarya Education House who are behind our success.
At Mesarya Education House we have a simple online application procedure for new students.