International Foundation Year - TuitionUSD $8,000.-
International Year One - BusinessUSD $9,000.-
International Year One - EngineeringUSD $9,000.-
Pre-Master programUSD $10,000.-
Intensive English CourseUSD $2,400.-
Application & RegistrationUSD $150.-
Labs & TechUSD $100.-
NCUK External ExamsUSD $1,500.-
LibraryCourse books are included in tuition fee.
Health Insurance
(International Students Only)
USD $1,000.-

Standard tuition fees


Home/EU and Island students

Minimum tuition fees for home/EU and Island* students commencing 2017 and 2018 are listed below.

2019/20 2020/21
  Programme of study Full time Part time Full time Part time
  Postgraduate Research $ $ $
  Postgraduate Taught $ $ $
(started in 2019/20 or before)
$ $
(commenced study from 2017/18 onwards)
$ $

*Island students are those students residing in the Isle of Man, Guernsey and Jersey. All Island students, with UK/EU nationality or Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK, commencing study from 1 September 2017 will pay the ‘Home’ rate of undergraduate, postgraduate taught or postgraduate research tuition fee.


EU Students and Brexit

EU students commencing studies in 2018 will pay the home rate of tuition fees and the UK Government has confirmed that they will continue to do so for the duration of their degree, even if the UK leaves the EU prior to completion of their degree. For further information regarding future years please see latest information on Brexit.


Undergraduate Tuition Fees 2020/21


The tuition fee for full-time UK/EU undergraduate students is $ for the academic year 2020/21. Future inflationary increases based on RPIX* may also be applied to each subsequent year of your course, subject to government regulations on fee increases. We will provide further information about such increases when this becomes available.

Eligible students will be able to borrow the full cost of tuition from the government in the form of a tuition fee loan. No UK/EU student will have to pay tuition fees up front. The tuition fee loan is not means-tested and is available to all eligible students.

*RPIX is a measure of inflation in the UK, equivalent to the all items in the Retail Price Index (RPI) excluding mortgage interest payments.

International students

The fees below ae the minimum full time tuition fees for each study area, and are the same for undergraduate, postgraduate taught and postgraduate research programmes. Fees for individual courses may vary.

Commenced study Arts fees Science fees Clinical fees
   2018/19 $ $ $
   2017/18 $ $ $
   2016/17 $ $ $


International students are charged annually at the rate for the year they commenced and remain fixed for the duration of their programme of study or research.

For students registering for the MBChB or the BDS programmes the pre-clinical years will be charged at the ‘science’ rate applicable for the year of entry and the clinical years will be charged at the ‘clinical’ rate applicable for the year in which the clinical part of the programme is commenced.