As Mesarya Education House, we exist to ensure that all our students are educated to think clearly, judge objectively and contribute constructively to society.

It is our primary commitment to equip our students with academic knowledge and competencies they need to make the successful transition from their studies to work.

We want all our graduates to become confident and highly-skilled individuals who can adapt themselves to 21st century labour market with their self-awareness, lifelong learning, multi-tasking, effective communication and critical thinking skills.

Our high-quality educational programmes are designed to give our students everything they need to prosper in life.

Mesarya Education House is an exciting place to study

  • It is where students from over 30 different countries come to Cyprus to study under first-class teachers who help them to attain top grades at GCSE, A-Level, NCUK International foundation, NCUK International Year One and to enter leading universities such as The University of Bradford, The University of Bristol, The University of Birmingham, The University of Huddersfield, The University of Leeds, The University of Manchester, The University of Salford, The University of Sheffield, The University of Kent, Leeds Beckett University, Liverpool John Moores University, Manchester Metropolitan University, Sheffield Hallam University, Ashton University, Kingston University London, Queen Mary University of London, including Oxford University, Cambridge University and Mesarya Technical University. Our Cypriot students, who come to MEH to maximise their grade performance, complement this international mix.
  • MEH is also somewhere you can be yourself; there is a strong culture of inclusiveness and openness that runs right the way through the college, and which promotes freedom of individual ambition and expression.
    We want our students to leave us as confident, culturally aware young men and women who are self-assured in regard to their ability yet humble and, crucially, flexible when it comes to approaching their careers in a rapidly changing world.
  • Nicosia is not only a great Mediterranean city; it is also a centre of excellence in education, home to MEH which is the finest pathway school to universities anywhere in the world.
    We make full use of our central Nicosia  location, both to support our students’ studies and to provide a full range of extra-curricular activities which enable them to develop a range of other interests, a very important consideration when applying to leading universities.